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The radical inclusion project is exploring 2 phases of fact-finding and ways of acting collaboratively, with the aim of encouraging grassroots vicars, rectors and church communities to move towards open, unashamed and public blessing of gay and lesbian couples' relationships.

Who is being surveyed?

The first phase is a completely anonymous survey to gather data on the views, current practices, and possible future ways forward of 750 vicars and rectors who are believed to be significantly sympathetic to greater affirmation of the relationships of lesbian and gay people in their communities.

Only the rector or vicar with 'lead' responsibility for a local church is going to be approached, rather than assistant priests, curates, or churchwardens. This is to avoid subversion of local church structures, and is also chosen as a method because of the lead influence, responsibility and oversight these people have.

If, reading this page, you have not received an email and are not on this list, but feel you as a rector or vicar should also have been consulted because you affirm gay couples, and want to express your views, then please get in touch via the contact button at the foot of the page, and a link to the survey will be sent to you in due course.

Will my responses be anonymous?

The link to the survey will be sent by email, and the results are for numerical purposes only. No individual survey can or will be seen by anyone else. The email will provide a simple code number if the person prefers not to enter their name. This is simply to verify the respondent, and for contact purposes if the answers leave open the possibility of participating in phase 2 of the project in 2021.

No views will at any stage be shared or published, except with express permission, and no names released. The whole purpose of the anonymous survey is to remove the fear of sanction or local disagreement, while presenting Church leaders (including the Archbishops) with the actual views of key local priests.

How long does it take?

The survey is on a single page, and takes 1 or 2 minutes to complete, involving 7 check boxes which can be ticked or ignored, and an optional comment box at the end, if the person wants to add anonymous thoughts, or qualify the answers implied by a tick.

What happens next?

When the survey responses have been collated, all those who have participated will be sent a detailed and anonymous breakdown of the findings.

The hope is that this survey will make clear to bishops the strength of conscience on these issues in many churches, and the need for change. If no substantial change results from the Living in Love and Faith process, then these findings may make clear the insistence that (as in Scotland) local church communities should be allowed right of conscience to radically include, and publicly celebrate, loving gay relationships.

Given the grave harm being done to gay and lesbian people, this change can no longer be indefinitely delayed.

The findings of this survey should make that clear.




Two parallel sites have been created:

radicalinclusion.co.uk - the site you are visiting right now - is the more 'in depth' version if you have time to read it

radicalinclusion.uk is the 'quick read' version if you want a shorter summary of main points


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