please do not erase our lives, our love, and precious parts of who we are




'Life shrinks or expands, in proportion to one's courage'







Jesus did not shun the outsider or the disrespected. Repeatedly his message was 'Come'. It still is. The very nature of God - the eternal Trinity - is communal, and wanting to live in community. God longs to draw people in, to welcome, and each person is made uniquely who they are, to live in fellowship with God.

In the context of your local church, this means welcome for people in their uniqueness and their diversity, helping them find and open up to the love of God who - far from modelling us all the same - longs to see people trust and grow, flourishing into the whole of who they are in God's community.

Radical Inclusion is not just a slogan. It does not mean simply 'tolerating' people who are different, or 'being nice'. There's nothing wrong with being nice to people, of course, but true radical inclusion is more than a matter of tone. It's about loving people for who they are, and where they are, and the unique gift they can add to the local church community.

This is what Radical Inclusion means: it means going beyond 'toleration' to celebration and affirmation of who a person is - and being open in welcome, because of who God has made them, not who we think they ought to be. Living alongside each other involves giving to each other, just like God gave to us. It means genuinely learning from each other: and seeking one another's flourishing.

Radical Inclusion is not just relevant to sexual orientation (which this website presently focusses on because of the harm being done, and the shame being inflicted, by the Church). It involves each one of us, whoever we are, and it means opening and expanding our minds to what people bring 'as gift' to the church. It means seeing past race, or social status, or mental health, or age, or neurological difference, or poverty, or cleverness, or gender, or disability. Not just 'seeing past' but realising many of our differences are gifts in themselves, part of uniqueness to be lived and shared in love.

Inclusion really is 'gift' for the local church. Through inclusion and journey alongside one another, our experience, our openness to love, our horizons, are expanded. It is not just the recipient of inclusion who benefits: it is the church community as a whole. God's message is 'Come': come and live in community with Me, you are welcome, precious, valued for who you are, and who we become together.




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